Meat Goat Show

Friday, July 5, 2024 5:30 PM

Smith County Agriculture Center • Carthage, TN

Weigh-in Time will be 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. | ENTRY FEE - $1.00 per goat

Weight Classes will begin immediately following Showmanship Class

Check or cash for entry fee is to be paid at weigh-in $1.00 per goat. (Make checks payable to Smith County Fair)

For more information please call

Rules & Regulations:

  • All animals must have current Health Certificates at weigh-in.
  • All classes will be shown by weights. There is no minimum weight.
  • There will be three divisions of goats shown: Market kids (Market kids is for wethers or doe kids raised for slaughter. All animals must have their kid teeth to show in this division), Doe kids and Yearling does. Each division will select a champion. There will be an overall champion selected.
  • Each exhibitor will be allowed a total of ten (10) animals, (these ten (10) are to include: Market kids, doe kids and yearling does)
  • Wether kids must not exhibit any testicular tissue. Animals having this will be dismissed.
  • Wether kids and doe kids must have all milk teeth at weigh-in. Wether kids not having them will be dismissed and does without both milk teeth will be moved to the yearling doe division.
  • Yearling does are allowed to have no more than two sets of adult teeth (4 large teeth) to be eligible to show for champion.
  • All goats must have legible tattoo or ear tag in order to show.
  • All goats will be weighed and classified prior to the show and will be divided into classes in their divisions.
  • Show management reserves the right to disqualify any animal that exhibits any sign of disease regardless.
  • Smith County Fair Association, volunteers or affiliates are not responsible for any accidents.
  • Saw dust will be provided for bedding. If you would like to use your own bedding please use pine shavings.
  • No portable generators allowed in the livestock area.

Special Note: Federal law requires that all goats that are exhibited in shows must meet
USDA regulations and have a scrapie ID ear tag permanently attached in its ear or other
approved ID. Exhibitors may contact the USDA offi ce at 615-781-5310 to order their
tags. Animals without proper scrapie tags or approved ID and certifi cate of veterinary
inspection will not be allowed to exhibit.