Archery Competition

Friday, June 28 3:30PM Check In, Contest 4:00PM

Pre-registration required. Contact Rachel Petty, 615-735-2900 or email [email protected]
Divisions (Grade as of 1/2024): Junior (4-5 grades) • Junior High (6-8 grades) • Senior (9-12 grades)

$5 Entry fee • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
Scoring: All scoring will be individual only.


  • All archers must wear closed-toed shoes at all times on range.
  • Genesis Compound shooters must use either the “Original Genesis” or the “Genesis Mini” bows with no modifications or accessories other than a wrist sling and/or “finger savers.”
  • The Official Arrow of the Genesis division is the .30 inch 1820 aluminum arrows, 7075 alloy, UNI Bushing and Easton press-fit ‘G’ nock (or NASP 1820 glue-on nocks), nickel plated target point with 2.8 inch vanes.


  • 80 cm faces, 5-color face
  • Distance – 10 and 15 meters in that order
  • Course of Fire – 3 ends of 5 arrows each from 10 meters; 3 ends of 5 arrows each from 15 meters
  • Time Limit: 4 minutes per 5 arrow end
SAFETY: Safety must be the number one priority of range personnel, participants, and spectators. Standard accepted safety rules will be followed at all times, special safety considerations will be announced at each venue. The Discipline Superintendent, Range offi cers, or other event staff may dismiss anyone from the range for unsafe behavior. The score may be forfeited, participant disqualifi ed, or spectators barred at the discretion of the range staff.